Trusted by Customers for Using Clean Raw Materials and Producing Honestly. 
Delicious and Happy, Hansung Enterprise
Since 1963, we embarked on the fisheries industry with challenge and passion, and we are constantly devoted to providing abundant and fresh food. 

As a comprehensive food company prioritizing the happiness of our customers and the joy of family meals, we continue to develop a diverse range of brands and products unique to our company, including ‘Crami’, ‘Hansung Salted and Fermented Seafood’ , ‘Camfriends’ , ‘Hansung Seafood Nugget’, ‘Hankiae(HMR)’ and more. Upholding HACCP certification, implementing Clean & Safe System (CS Methods), introducing clean rooms, and other measures, we ensure the utmost safety of our products and are proud to be recognized for our excellent quality by our customers.

With the love of our customers, and the deep trust and collaboration of our partners, we have steadfastly grown for over 60 years, and now, we look forward to journeying together with you towards the new 100 years in the sea.

We prioritize the 
happiness of our customers' smiles and families' joyful dining tables.

Happy Smile 
Make Tasty and Happy


Bringing the taste of Korea 
to world, and international 
taste to Hansung


Passion for enjoying work, Challenges for growth, Harmony for customer happiness

Leading the best food culture.
Fresh and delicious wholesome food!
Hansung promises.

Hansung Enterprise aims to shine as Korea's star and be a beacon of light for the Korean people. We strive to evolve into a global company that provides delicious and joyful food.

Hansung Enterprise
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